HGR - our company

HGR Instrumente GmbH represents a high level of quality standards. Therefore, over the last decades, we have made it to our profession to carry out almost all production processes inhouse. We have also validated critical production processes using applicable national and international regulations and standards.

However, with regard to the safety of patients all over the world, it would not be adequate if we did not make use of our unique location and would not make use of the the core competencies of more than 300 medical device  and surgical companies in the region. 

Tuttlingen is often referred to as the "world centre of medical technology". Manufacturing technologies and individual process steps are outsourced where it promises the desired success in terms of the medical product. However, through our supplier management, we ensure that our subcontractors fulfill the HGR quality standards and are interested in long-term and transparent cooperation.

We currently use a variety of CNC milling and long lathe operator as well as CNC machining centres. We have a validated final cleaning process so that the products arrive at our customers free of any production residues. In addition to validated laser marking and validated laser welding, we also use other proven and recognised manufacturing technologies. However, we do not completely dispense with manual labour, so each of our products also passes through our hands at the end of the process and is subject to comprehensive final quality inspection."

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